Sunshine Valley Daycare is located in the Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church building at Winnetka Avenue and Highway 55 in Golden Valley.
The Staff of Sunshine Valley Childcare
Our staff is made up of caring, nurturing, and fun-loving individuals.

Each teacher has met or exceeded the Minnesota Department of Human Services licensing regulations for work experience and educational background.

We are proud of the unique skills each of our staff members brings to our “team-teaching” approach.

Our staff members also complete the required hours each year to learn new approaches and ideas to incorporate into our program.

A Sunshine Valley Childcare teacher knows safety comes first. A Sunshine Valley Childcare teacher helps with the first experience of preparing food.

Posing for a photo is a natural for most kids. We’re just comforting my rabbit ’cause he’s a little tired.

Sunshine Valley Childcare, 7600 Harold Avenue, Golden Valley, Minnesota 5542 Phone 763 545 6906